At Madera, we take great pride in creating wood products that are simple and adaptable for every day use. As we derive our raw materials directly from mother nature, each of our products are unique to the next. In time, your Madera product will age with character, whilst still embodying it’s individual shade and grain pattern.In order to get the most out of your Madera product, we encourage you to give it some TLC - look after it well and it will definitely look after you in return for many years to come.
Keep your Madera product in check by regularly polishing the wooden surface with beeswax, which will not only protect it from the elements, but also add to the product’s overall endurance.
In most cases you will have to do nothing more than run a dampened, lint free cloth over your Madera wooden product occasionally. We have designed tolerances into our products to allow for natural seasonal fluctuations, and the tendency for wood to expand and contract with different moisture levels. It goes to say that you should not expose your product outside for a prolonged period, or in really wet conditions. If placed in direct sunlight, especially in tropical climates it could warp, crack, or be UV bleached.

In the rare instance your product has warped beyond what you can tolerate, it is because it has lost or gained too much moisture. It can be returned to it's original shape by re-introducing it's original moisture content. To increase the moisture content, wrap the item in a damp towel, and then place in a sealed plastic bag for a few hours. Take it out and check to see if the cupping or bowing has been reduced, put a straight edge across it's width. If it's good, wipe it dry and oil it immediately. If it's not, replace and wait a little longer, checking until it has relaxed back into form. You might need to let it sit overnight, or for a few days. 

We take great care in our production process to create an enduring product. However as we are working with natural wood, goes to say that wood will take impact or stress to its reasonable extent. We believe in all fairness working and using wood product bring us many benefits that outweighs its vulnerability as a material. By learning to care for it, it helps us to cease from taking the everyday objects we interact with for granted. Additionally, in any case where your product gets damaged beyond repair for any reason - we stand on your side and our products by providing you with an immediate replacement at 50% of your purchase cost. This Replacement Program is highlighted in our warranty page that you can read here.

For more information or if you are in need of support in relation with your Madera product. Please direct all questions to holler[at]
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